Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can we be up and running?

Right away! If you have an established practice, we can transmit the first batch of claims within a week. In case you are just starting off with a new practice, this will depend on your contracting with insurance companies.

How can we send the charge/claim information to you?

The preferable method to get the relevant information to us is by uploading your file to our HIPAA compliant cloud server or emailing it to us.

How do I know that you will be more effective than my existing office staff?

Our motivation is focused on the amount of money that is collected as we charge a flat rate only on the total amount collected. You can rest assured of our effectiveness.

Will have I access to all my records?

Yes, you will have live access to all your records and documents. Once our clients have a user ID and password they gain access to their data. The data belongs to you and the entire Financial and Patient Demographic data can always be backed up and sent in an electronic format.

How do I know that my patient data is secure?

Our methods of communication and solutions are HIPAA compliant and thus, a complete assurance of secured patient data. We have a full time Compliance officer and have mitigated all potential risks of threat.

How often are my claims processed?

If you provide us with charges on a daily basis, than your claims will also be processed daily. Nevertheless, all your charges will be processed within 2 business days of their receipt, if not sooner.

Where does my money go?

All checks, EFTs and Credit Card transactions go straight to your bank account. It is non-compliant to manage your money any other way.

How experienced are you in the medical specialty that I practice in?

With over 14 years in the business and collective experience of our staff, we offer our services to all the major medical specialties. We also have access to specialty-specific resources that further guide our techniques and methodologies.

I have a new practice and/or would like to open a new location. What help is offered?

We specialize in offering assistance to set up new practices to minimize your stress. From Credentialing with insurance panels, compliance training for the entire staff, software solutions to patient statements, we can walk you through the entire process. We are well-versed with the pains and problems that impact setting up of a new practice, location or provider. We offer the best solutions and assist in watching reimbursements and ensure quick collections.

What type of software do you use?

We are well-versed in many EHR systems. Our Practice Management software can interface with any software out there. We also offer affordable and effective EHR solutions to meet your needs.

Will you provide me dedicated resources for my account?

Yes, at all times! We assign a team of a minimum of two people to all medical practices.

How do we get our existing patient data to you?

We find customizable solutions that meet the needs of each client. We typically prefer an HL7 interface for accuracy and efficiency.

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