About Us

Clover Sisamouth


As founder and president of CIMB, Clover has been immersed in the industry for 15 years meeting the billing needs of medical providers in Iowa. Her innovative approach, attention to detail, and strong knowledge of current billing standards make her uniquely qualified to maximize timely reimbursement of services and strengthen provider business practices. Clover oversees the total medical billing operation, all business aspects of the organization and consults with clients on medical administration and reimbursement procedures.  When she’s not working, Clover is spending time with her husband and five children, most likely doing something fitness-related.

Heather Moxley

Compliance Officer

Heather has over 14 years of experience working in the Billing and Compliance environment. She takes every possible opportunity to improve the quality of healthcare for all involved. Heather is currently the Compliance Officer for CIMB. She develops compliance materials in addition to training our staff, as well as clients. When outside of the office, Heather is focused on fitness and spends time enjoying outdoor activities with her children.

CIMB Testimonials

As the owner of Nick Hildreth Memorial Clinic, I have nothing but great things to say about Central Iowa Medical Billing.  Our transition to their billing services was rather sudden and on short notice and it went very smoothly.  They met with my staff and I right after our first phone conversation and since then it has been nothing but good things for our practice.  I wish I had made this change years ago for my office’s medical billing.  Our revenue has drastically increased and their billing turnaround is impressive.  The staff at CIMB is wonderful to work with.  They are top-notch and are always helpful and available.  They have amazing transparency and I always know what they have billed, collected, and what they are working on for my business.  This is a drastic change from my previous billing company.  I love their weekly and monthly reports so I always know where my business stands.  I could not be happier with CIMB.  Like I said, I wish I had made this change years ago.

Kylie Hildreth


I am writing this letter to recommend the excellent services and assistance Central Iowa Medical Billing is able to offer.  We have recently transitioned our billing services over to their office and the process could not have went any smoother.

As an organization they are extremely well managed, organized, prompt and transparent.  They have greatly improved how our medical practice is able to handle billing services.  They were willing to do extra work to make the transition happen sooner than first expected and have been so quick to remedy multiple problems from our prior billing company.

I would strongly recommend Central Iowa Medical Billing to any organization or practice looking for a competent and well ran company to handle billing services.

Lisa Nelson


Southeast Iowa Geriatric Care

I am writing this as a letter of recommendation for Central Iowa Medical Billing.  I recently switched from another local billing service to CIMB due to poor collections and my cash flow had dwindled to almost zero.  CIMB in just a few months literally saved my business.  I was worried about challenges of a transition from one billing service to another, but CIMB made it a seamless and painless transition.  Their customer service is amazing, and I instantly started seeing a huge jump in my collections and cash flow.  I am now actually getting reimbursed for the work that I do which as a physician is all that I ask for.  Their attention to detail and follow up of denials is so much better than my previous service, and the results are instantly apparent.  I would recommend CIMB to any medical group who is looking for a quality billing collection service.  Anyone is welcome to call me at the above number with any questions.

David E. North


The Central Iowa Medical Billing Team has been a vital part of the growth and success of Halo Wound Solutions. They have been with us from start up to now having 29 employees. We could not have had our success without them. CIMB is our most valued business partner. If you want an honest, trustworthy, and hard working team behind you – choose the CIMB Team.

Tracy Lucas


Halo Wound Solutions

  • Working with CIMB has helped our business grow significantly.  Their ability to verify insurance coverage for each patient is second to none.  Accuracy and speed that is unmatched.
  • CIMB’s ability to adjust to our growth has allowed us to focus on where we want to be without the concern of how the billing side of things will keep up with us.  It is a total team approach that the entire CIMB Team takes an active role in.
  • Insurance credentialing is key to our growth.  CIMB has helped us to maximize the contracts we want in a very efficient way.

Luke Esslinger


Halo Wound Solutions

CIMB has been a great asset to our team. The insurance verification that they provide our patients is a valuable service. It helps put our patients at ease by informing them of what to expect prior to coming into our office. It truly sets the stage for a good therapy experience.”

Trina Radske-Suchan, PT, CSCS, FMSC

Medical Program Executive

YMCA Healthy Living Center

Clive, IA

My clinic has been utilizing CIMB services for over 6 months now. I switched from another billing company because I was not satisfied with their performance. CIBC done a fantastic job with my billing. They are efficient and extremely knowledgeable with billing. We meet monthly to discuss all the report they generate, which is helpful. We have excellent communications via phone and e mails for any questions I have or any information they need for their billing.

I recommend CIMB very highly

Majed Barazanji, MD

Barazanji Family Medical Clinic, P.C.

West Des Moines, Iowa